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This wiki software is (for historical reasons still) part of Askemos/BALL. From a software engineering point of view it should not.

Over the years it has been used as the testbed for experimental features (e.g., SQLite use was pioneered here to hold the linking structure before it became available as a general feature) and as the content management system for the askemos website right from the early days.


content is stored in XML
not matter what syntax/editing means the user used
MIME type convertion
MIME convertion applied to user view and user input -- that means: any round-trip-safe parser/renderer pair wrt. XML representation possible as input syntax.
multiple inheritance
Parent wikis are consulted for references to unknown entries.
Entries can include another subtopics entry literally.
WebDAV support
Entries may be edited als HTML pages within an WebDAV mounted directory.
Simple support for collaboration within small groups: one access control list per page; last released version displayed to all but the one currently editing a page.


Use one wiki per article/book/whatever edited by few persons. Use a network of those wikis - inheriting from each other - to form a decentralized encyclopedia.

Beware: it's simple. Born as a test case. Just served this page nevertheless.

See also old version.

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