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Tree levels of trust in a name:

  1. Subscription: source is a hearsay possibly considered according to preferences. Scope: local. Subsets possibly exported (thereby maybe renamed) for recursive subscription.
  2. Reputation: pointers to other subscription included in the exported listing. Scope: external.
  3. Support: shared listing. Local site has just 1/nth authority to administrative modifications. Scope: community.

Consulting levels in order (at level two ordering, excluding and renaming on input according to local policy) at the client (Effects MechanismSoftwareClient) allows to combat SPAM and mass registration (See OpenProblems.

Any "community" - be them a private group, company or country - can publish their namespace.

Level 3 needs some contract language to express the community rules. (Effects MechanismSoftwareClient)

BTW: If the whole network does not have to end after publishing DNS names. Instead of name bindings, it could as easily publish other information like private wikis, blogs, shared file systems etc.

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